Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Appiah Hydraulics is proud of its heritage, with millions of products installed around the world and product lines which are more than twenty eight years old.

In Hydrepneumatic Accumlators section, we manufacture of ; Welded cylindrical accumulators, Spherical accumulators, Bladder accumulators, Piston accumulators and any other special Accumlator projects or new casting developments. Appiah Hydraulics has all tpye of Hydropneumatic Accumlator Development Divison and we are able for any special projects. All Details below about Hydropneumatic Accumlators.

Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Bladder, diaphragm, and piston type accumulators, spherical and cylindrical models.

Capacities from 20cl to 50l, pressures up to 500 bar depending on models.

A full range of accessoiries is also available.

Appiah can help you to determine the right accumulator for your application. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

To obtain the code of your welded cylindrical accumulator, or piston accumulator, please refer to the order code system in our hydropneumatic accumulators catalogue.

Welded Cylindirical Accumlators

Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Includes ;
The welded accumulators are made up of a shell in high resistance steel containing a fluid-gas separator. This separator is made of nitrile for the standard range, and of hydrogenated nitrile for low temperature applications.

The separator is fitted with an anti-extrusion stud, thus allowing rapid and total discharge of the accumulator.

Supplied as standard with a charging screw, the our accumulators can be fitted with a charging valve on request.


Spherical Accumlators

Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Includes ;
Appiah spherical accumulators consist of two hemispherical shells which are screwed together and which hold a diaphragm.

This diaphragm has a metal stud which closes off the operation hole when the fluid is completely discharged.

There is therefore no danger of damage to the diaphragm.
The gas side port is fitted with a charging valve allowing the pressure in the accumulator to be checked or changed.


Bladder Accumlators

Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Includes ;
a forged steel body, a bladder, a charging valve, an oil side orifice fitted with a poppet valve which prevents extrusion of the bladder, and an air bleed screw used during system start-up.

AdvantagesBladder accumulator component parts are interchangeable with those of major accumulators available.

Dimensions allow for easy installation and also use in batteries.


Piston Accumlators

Hydropneumatic Accumlators

Includes ;
Appiah accumulators are designed with a high mechanical resistance forged steel body. The fluid-gas separating piston is equipped with seals adapted to the fluids to convey, the operating temperature. The Appiah accumulators can be fitted with a charging screw or charging valve, and are a modern solution for the needs of hydraulic circuits.

Our Piston Accumlators designed;to withstand very high volumetric ratios, to ensure total and rapid discharge of fluid, for assembly in any position, to guarantee minimal nitrogen loss overtime, for easy adaptation for use with different fluids and temperatures.

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